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Dec 25, 2012

Age of Aquarius for Next 2000 years

While the mass media had us all occupied with expecting a cataclysm of some sort the real action was more sublime.  The real action was that we have now entered into the Age of Aquarius where we'll find peace and love (whether we want it or not).

We have been in the Age of Pisces (war and division) for 2000 years.  Whew! Glad that is over.  Because of that old song "Age of Aquarius" many of us thought we were already experiencing it but we were not.  The dawning of the Age of Aquarius was on December 21 2012.

Feb 28, 2012

Whirling Hands of Time Changes Biorythms

I have faithfully studied my biorhythms since 1977 when I was first introduced to biorhythms while working on my degree at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.  Here is what a biorhythm chart looks like (although for years I did my charts manually on paper using three color pencils). 

Common Biorhythm Chart
Emotional: This 28-day cycle, which collates to the phases of the moon, shows the energy of your psyche and overall mood for the day.  When this cycle crosses the chart meridian, you will have a great day if the cycle is crossing into the positive or a crying-type day if it is going into the negative.

Intellectual: This 31-day cycle shows you whether you will be on the ball that day or not.  I avoid making big decisions on a critical intellectual day. 

Physical: This 23-day cycle, which begins either at birth or conception,  shows your current strength, health, and energy or vitality.

But the point I want to make here is that these cycles are based on a fixed cycle of time and now that time is moving faster, I believe these cycles need to be re-thunk.